PHP 1 (one peso) per line


Example prices for various types of voicebanks

CV Japanese - 100

CVVC Japanese - 250

VCV Japanese - 700

VCCV™ English - 3,429


Multiset discount - 30%

If your bank is multipitch, or has multiple appends in one, it's got multiple sets. You must use the exact same reclist for every set to get the discount. (so multilingual doesn't count, sorry!)


ULCER discount - 20%

This discount applies if you used a non-Japanese reclist written by a member of ULCER!

A full list of members is on the TUBS website here.


Arpasing discount - Rounded down to nearest 500

For example, a voicebank with 2,600 lines would only cost 2500. This is to encourage the use of the Arpasing method! 


Multiple discounts may apply.


Payment is by PayPal Invoice. Use my contact info on the home page to send me your commission!  You can get an estimate of the price for your voicebank, but the final amount can't be determined until the OTO is done.  Please let me know:

  • Your name
  • UTAU's name
  • VB Type
  • Number of sets
  • Reclist

You may remain in the queue indefinitely, and cancel at any time before work on your voicebank begins. You will be notified once you reach the #1 place in the queue, and you'll have 2 weeks to respond. If there is no response after the 2 weeks, you'll automatically be moved to the end of the queue again. If there is only one person in the queue at this point, then you'll get another 2 week period to respond before being removed from the queue.


Once work begins on the voicebank, you'll be updated on the progress once a week, or as often as requested. If you would like to stop partway through, you can either cancel the OTO entirely, or receive the partially completed section for the appropriate price.