I'm happy to do all sorts of projects, whether it's UTAU demos, writing the instrumental for a song you've already started writing, or remixing one of your originals.


Base price: $15 (Paid upfront)

Working price: $8 per hour (Paid upon completion)


You can claim a spot in the queue for free, the base price will only need to be paid once your spot has been reached. Contact information is on the home page.  Payment is via PayPal invoice.


To commission a song, let me know about all of your descriptions/reference tracks/ideas/concepts/lyrics/etc. for the song. If I'm interested, please pay the base price. I will then write short concept pieces based what you've got so far, and let you select one to continue working on. After that, the base price is no longer refundable and the timer for the working price begins. Work-in-progress renders (along with hours spent and the current total working price) will be provided whenever I have made significant progress, or whenever requested.



  • Electronic in general
  • Trance

Can do

  • Rock
  • Acoustic


  • Orchestral
  • Folk


  • No vocals
  • My own human vocals
  • Vocaloid Sonika, Maika, or Kiyoteru
  • Any publicly available UTAU
  • UTAU Macne Sasayaki (and any of my own private voicebanks)
  • Chipspeech
  • Alter/Ego Daisy, Bones, Marie Orc, or NATA
  • Sinsy and Renoidplayer
  • Vocals provided by commissioner


If you'd like me to write the lyrics, I can write in both English and Esperanto.  If this is for a voicebank release, though, I would want the lyrics to match the language of the voicebank!


You may write your own contract for the terms of use of this song, such as where and when it will be released.

For example, it could be on your youtube channel, and only downloadable with an UTAU.

If there is no contract, AND I was main or only contributor to the song, I will post the song non-commercially to my own profiles (YouTube, Soundcloud, social media) and commercially to various platforms (Bandcamp, Soundrop to iTunes/etc.)

This is intended to be handled on a case by case basis.


  1. LiquidRoze
  2. Sors