My name is Kiyoteru Lofe Adlez Dystopia.

I go by DystoP as a music producer, and Adlez27 for most everything else.

Feel free to call me any of the four names, variations thereof, or my initials.


Age: 17

Birthday: May 31

Pronouns: they/them, ri aŭ tiu

Location: Philippines (UTC+8)


Mi ankaŭ povas paroli esperanton.

Find me

Skype: adlez27

LINE: adlez27

Discord: Adlez27 #0426

Telegram: kladlez

Snapchat: kladlez


My latest release

I don't know what to title this section.

Co-Founder of DynamiVox


Co-Administrator of

TUBS: The UTOOTERS Black Supermarket


Moderator of



I own

  • Sonika
  • Maika
  • Hiyama Kiyoteru V2 + V4 (Main)

I want

  • Kiyoteru English

I designed Electeru (Electronic music variation of Kiyoteru)

Reference folder here.


I roleplay Kiyoteru as well.
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Reclist writer

Writer of Arpasing website

Top user of UTAforum

A manager of Time, Space and Bass

Tutor of St. Defoko's School of UTAU


Creator of

Manager of


Queen/Guardian: Hatsune Miku

Goddess: Maika

Princess: Sonika

Husbando: irl BF

Ex-husbando: Kotonone Azami, Kogami Shinya, Dandy 704, Zacharie probably

Senpai: AdyS and Mouri Mitsuko

Mom: Emily/Misos

The Love of My Life: Hiyama Kiyoteru

Instruments: Computeru, Keyoteru, Guiyotaru, Electaru



I generally prefer electronic music (especially synthwave), both listening and writing.

Favorite producers are

  • AdyS
  • HOME

Video games

  • osu! (mania 4k main)
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • OFF by Mortis Ghost






  • XKCD
  • Oglaf
  • I used to like Homestuck