Use my contact info on the home page to send me your request!


Though I'm no omniglot, I've written all sorts of reclists, from CVVC to VCV, from Esperanto to Korean. Generally, these lists will be written to be used with OREMO, and maybe my OTO Generator.


These requests can be anything like "An efficient Japanese CVVC with english extras" or even "VCV Klingon".


DMG Packaging

Package your UTAU voicebank for Mac users in a clean and professional-looking file.


Please provide:

  • The voicebank
  • Icon (transparent background)
  • Any additional files
    • Omake folder (breaths etc)
    • Art references
    • MMD model
    • Demo songs
    • etc.

As well as what you would like the files to be named. The character.txt and readme.txt will be edited to look more aesthetically pleasing in the UTAU-Synth interface, as well as having my credit added.


The final file will be sent by temporary upload, so that you may host it yourself in distribution.