Use my contact info on the home page to send me your request!


A quick sketch, maybe with color, of anything (barring NSFW). Provide a reference. Quality not guaranteed.


I will mix vocals+instrumentals AND stems. Please provide original .wav files. I will return an mp3 for covers and a wav for originals, unless otherwise specified.


I use FL studio 12 Signature Bundle.  You may request the FLP, although I do use third party plugins.

DMG Packaging

Package your UTAU voicebank for Mac users in a clean and professional-looking file.


Please provide:

  • The voicebank
  • Icon (transparent background)
  • Any additional files
    • Omake folder (breaths etc)
    • Art references
    • MMD model
    • Demo songs
    • etc.

As well as what you would like the files to be named. The character.txt and readme.txt will be edited to look more aesthetically pleasing in the UTAU-Synth interface, as well as having my credit added.


The final file will be sent by temporary upload, so that you may host it yourself in distribution.